Period 2018

(bookings from 27 Nov 2017)


One of the most important policy elements is to ensure that casual room bookings do not interfere with the teaching needs of staff and students. Therefore while we aim to confirm casual room bookings quickly (generally with 2-3 working days), any booking that is requested during the main Autumn and Spring semesters (with some provisos) may not be confirmed until much closer to the booking's date. Some bookings may need to be sent to the Western Sydney Venues group, particularly those relating to external parties on the campus. You can contact that unit by emailing venues@westernsydney.edu.au

Teaching needs should be sent to timetabling@westernsydney.edu.au.
Please do not submit bookings for teaching activities.

For additional support such as ITD/AV, catering, security or cleaning, you will need to contact the relevant departments directly

At certain campuses and at certain times of the day the room may not be open when you first arrive. You should contact the campus security office in this instance and they will open the room.